Why partner up with ExMoment.com?

Newest market. The world of artificial intelligence is the newest and fastest growing market on the planet and ExMoments app is one of the most innovative ideas out there!

Spreading the love. ExMoment app is not just a product. It delivers its user the greatest opportunity to be in touch with their friends and family even when they are offline!

Olympic payouts. Oftentimes the first week of the month + no minimum payout. It’s not great, it’s the greatest!

Commission and Taxes



Blazing from the beginning!

That’s right when you open a profile with us you are receiving 50% directly! We are tired of bullshit. No minimum quota, straight and secured numbers on each new user’s first plan renewal! And to make it even better you’ll receive 15% from every next plan renewal of the users you brought to ExMoment!

ExMoment plans vary from €9.99/month, €48/6 months to €84/year

Tax FREE transactions with Revolut!

Since we are in the most innovative market, we are using the most innovative payment method to avoid unexpected taxes when sending you – your money! Why paying someone else from your money when you can join the Revolution and receive exactly what is written on your dashboard?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ExMoment Affiliates and why affiliate platform is called MakeMillion?

MakeMillion.net is an affiliate platform owned by ExMoment, by joining it you become a partner of ExMoment. This allows you to earn money through your website(s). By promoting ExMoment app on your websites and referring users to us – you will earn a cut out of the revenue these users generate through their accounts renewal. An excellent way to make some extra cash from your website and it’s content.

Why should I be an ExMoment Affiliate?

Well, only you can tell us that! If you have a website with some traffic, why not make something more out of it. It’s completely free and a good chance to get an extra cash flow going.

OK, seems like an awesome deal. Now – how do I sign up?

Piece of cake my friend! Just open your account at ExMoment.com first, then signup with its email trough the registration form, we’ll validate your account and welcome you as an ExMoment Affiliate – a partner and affiliate to ExMoment.

I have an account – how do I get started?

Login to you account () and pick your link of choice. Add the link to your website and ‘tata’ – you have a new neat way to earn extra income, immediately.

Seems cool to make extra money, but does it cost me anything to join?

No. It’s absolutely free and you’ll have everything you need from day one.

I like this FAQ and all, but I still have some questions. Can I speak to someone?

Well of course my friend! We’ll be happy to guide you, just contact us here. If we’re available we’d love to have a chat with you, otherwise just drop us a line on our e-mail address and we’ll get back as soon as we can.

Terms and conditions? Where are they?

Right here.

I have links on my page. How do I know how much money I’m making?

Easy, login to you ExMoment Affiliate account a.k.a. MakeMillion account and all stats are available at your dashboard. We would like to call us the most transparent affiliate program in the business, there are no hidden fees and taxes.

How much money will I make?

We pride ourselves with having one of the best commission programs there is. You’ll start directly with the greatest 50% on every first plan renewal and 15% from every other plan renewal of the users which you’ve brought to ExMoment. And remember, we are committed to have a fair, transparent and honest affiliate program. No hidden fees!

When do I get the money?

We will process all payouts within the first week of each month.

How do I get the payment?

We will transfer the commission by your Revolut account within the first week of each month.

How do I add links to my site?

Login to  then you’ll see all of the available marketing links in your Dashboard. Then just copy and paste the link to you site. Simple as 1, 2, 3.

How do ExMoment & MakeMillion track the users that I’m sending to you?

The link that you get from your Dashboard has your personal tracking code attached to it. So when users visit ExMoment.com this tracking code is stored in a cookie on the user’s computer. When the user signs up, ExMoment.com knows this user was referred by you and you will get the user tagged as yours and you will generate commission on this user first renewal!

I’m a person full of questions – I have more questions!

Just give us a shout! Either you can chat with us when we are available, or just shoot us an e-mail and we will get back as soon as possible! Happy to help is our golden rule.

Oops, seems like I forgot my password. What do I do?

Just click the “Forgot password” link placed next to the login button on the login page and we’ll send you a new nice password that works.